5 Chrome extensions that will help you stop wasting time on Internet

5 Chrome extensions that will help you stop wasting time on Internet

Working with a computer connected to the Internet during long hours is a small danger that can make our productivity we are getting out of hand and end up fulfilling our obligations later than expected. Social networking, news, media, trivia, videos. Too many temptations that we have to control if we do not want the computer time spent working and dedicated to leisure and finish mixing the workday occupy us all day. If our will power is not enough, there are some Chrome extensions that can help keep the focus on the professional . There go Five:

Procastrinator .

Suppose we spent too many hours in a day, for example, Reddit. By then turn our address bar for almost unconscious way we see what is new, and we ended up missing while diving on this page. Would that were closed during our workday. With Procastrinator, we can make it happen. Simply tell us what we want to block for a certain time interval . During these hours we can not access them. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube … moving through.

RescueTime .

Recent years have brought online applications and services based on statistics and hardware to monitor our physical activity. Let’s face it: people we love stats, we love to see our routine and daily converted into numbers and pretty graphs. To be aware of the time actually devoted to work and are committed to evade during the working day, RescueTime shows us exactly that, with percentages, numbers and charts, real time we have worked , and accordingly we have devoted to feed spirit with contents that have nothing to do with our work.

Pocket .

Widely used mobile data to save and send interesting content we see on Twitter to a list for later reading, it can also become an ally for our productivity. As simple as get used to not open the files we want to see at the time, but Pocket send directly to them calmly and without disrupting our business when our journey ends.

Productivity Owl .

Owl productivity, the Golden Fleece. Characterized as an animal willing to help, this extension works similar to Procastrinator: generate a white list of websites that you can visit without problem during working time (also with a configurable time interval) and a black list that will not let us visit. And what about the rest of us? With unregistered in any of the two lists gives us time courtesy visit during which smoothly. But the owl warning us that eventually return to work as soon as possible, plan Jiminy Cricket.

Clearly .

A priori, this extension of Evernote is not completely related to productivity, because what it basically does is to present the items in a clear and simplified and reduced to the minimum: rich text with the same design, respecting images and links … and now. Or banners, or categories, or more elements of the page in question. Here is where you can ally with our productivity: access to either see more content of that web, even comments . Thus, by inviting it show someone on the Internet is wrong, what we can not do. Simply we will read an article and we will not have to do anything that is not put back the focus on our work activity.

There’s only five examples of Chrome extensions that may be more than enough for anyone who wants to start lightening the load of distractions in your day. But perhaps others do need more. What you know or use?

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