6 Excellent Marketing Tools Hashtags In Social Media

6 Excellent Marketing Tools Hashtags In Social Media

Hashtags are a ubiquitous item in most Social Media strategies for their power is enormous, for good or for evil. As an example of the latter case in Colombia teams Community Managers campaign for the presidency have invested millions in “mind control tools” to attack their opponents with hashtags dirty whose influence has made ​​it to other media and could be decisive in the election results.

Well, the truth does not have to be an evil genius or have many resources to get a huge advantage of hashtags, and Hongkiat give us an example with brilliant tools to share hashtags to give due weight in marketing. Here we highlight some of the best, the most useful and least known.

1. Hashtagify.me

An essential visual tool for finding the correlation between multiple hashtags. When entering a hashtag in the search box immediately a mental map that he shall shut and put in a bubble around hashtags related to the size responds to the degree of relationship and popularity appears. That for the basic mode because the mode Advanced can be more complex graphics diagramming the “clouds” of multiple hashtags in simultaneous mode and Table is omitted the graphic to be shown everything clearly in a table.

2. RiteTag

To analyze how likely a hashtag chosen to achieve powerful, how likely is that to be found. To this gives them a score with colors and offers suggestions hashtags more efficient. It has an extension that allows its use on Twitter.com, Buffer, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck and other web client avoiding having to switch platforms.

3. Hashtags.org

Hashtags.org is a website with an air of news portal which is several tens of hashtags that have increased or decreased their popularity in the last few hours and most comprehensive articles that talk about the reason for such variations. However, although the main highlights only news from the hottest hashtags, on top of a drawer to search for any specific reviewing your progress with some graphics and integrated searches included.

4. Tagboard

The great power of Tagboard is in power simultaneously assess the extent of certain hashtag in Twitter but not only publications but simultaneously on Facebook, Google+, Instagram and up Vine. So, if your strategy involves hashtags several networks at the same time, you can avail yourself of the tool to see a multimedia mosaic with dozens of posts that summarize their performance and know which users are using them on each network.

5. TweetReach

A reporting tool that presents in great detail the extent achieved by a hashtag. It does this by evaluating samples with thousands of tweets, analyzing and summarizing its contents in simple graphs, tables, and estimates that allow the public to find who is talking about this hashtag how well you use it. Reports can be exported to PDF, Excel and other formats.

6. Tweetbinder

A general statistical reporting tool similar to TweetReach, analyzing up to 2,000 tweets in its free version. However, his name comes to functionality that allows traces to multiple folders for organizing hashtags properly ( binders ), ie, by searching, checking and saving tweets that meet specific hashtags.

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