Best kodi skins for krypton: Top 3 kodi skins 2018

Best kodi skins for krypton: Top 3 kodi skins 2018

Are you looking for best kodi skins for Krypton? then you had reached the right spot to find out. Here in this article, we will share what is kodi skins and some of the best kodi skins with installation steps. If you already know about kodi skins, you can skip the first section. And we will also share some of the difference between kodi skins and kodi builds. I had seen many of the users are asking this question in the forum. Well, let’s proceed to the article.

What are kodi skins?

Kodi skins are the script or function which will decide how your kodi will appear. By default, kodi has two skins. You can install any of the additional skins from thousands of available skins. After installing it, the appearance of your kodi will change depending on the installed skin. And you can also configure your kodi skin depending on your need. You can customize color, theme and even how the menu appears on your kodi. You can choose how your kodi looks. You can find more about these kodi skins on the interface settings section under the settings menu.

Best kodi skins

There are lots of kodi skins available and its difficult to choose the best kodi skins. And moreover, the outer appearance of kodi is decided by its users. And it is highly subjective. Since it doesn’t hold any functional advantages, it purely depends on the user taste. It is like you are asking other people to chose your favorite color. Well this being said, we will share some of best kodi skins. Make sure to try these sinks if don’t know what to choose.


Definitely, you may hear of this skin, at least you may have seen it. It is one of the most used kodi skins. This skin is so simple and elegant. And it is the default skin used in Kodi Jarvis. And the best thing about this skin is it’s neat and clean.

Aeon Nox

Do you like science fiction movies? If yes, then you will love this skin for sure. It is similar to the previous skin. But the theme and color combo are futuristic. And its so amazing to use this. And this skin is mostly used in firestick. Do know why, but most of the firestick users are suggesting this skin.


Are you looking for a kodi skin on you UHD TV? Then there is no better skin than this. Chroma is specially designed with high-resolution images and compatible fonts for UHD TVs. Though skin is too much for normal TV, it works great on UHD TVs. If you using one, don’t forget to try this. You will be amazed.

Well, these are the best top three kodi skins.If you are not sure about what skin to choose, then you can refer the list of skins at All these are best from my point of view. Make sure to try all the skins. And don’t forget to comment below your favorite one.

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