Ultimate Guide To Choose The Perfect Table Fan

Ultimate Guide To Choose The Perfect Table Fan

Every year the summer in India gets warmer. To beat the fierce summer heat, you can’t rely on air conditioners alone. You will need something other than that. But higher electricity bills can add pain to your pocket.

The only simple solution is to get a high power fan, which will give you direct air. The sealed fan does not give you that extra cooling feeling which distributes the air evenly. In this case, a table fan will work for you.

Getting rid of the regular things, In this article, we see why you should get a table fan, it’s advantages and a brief maintenance guide.  

Factors Checklist

The thinks we mention below are the undeniable factors one should take into account before you buy a table fan. 

  • Fan Size
  • Blade Sweep
  • Fan Speed
  • Power Consumption
  • Air Delivery
  • Flexible Grills
  • Noise
  • Material Quality
  • Grill Movement
  • Budget
  • Warranty

Why should you get a table fan?

Ceiling fan vs table fan

If the ceiling can be used to circulate air around the room and you’re wondering why you need a table fan, here’s the difference between the two.

When ceiling fans move air out of the ceiling or into the room to keep it cool, table fans distribute air to the outside. Another advantage of using table fans is that they can be placed near the window to draw in fresh air from the outside. Some other differences between the two types of fans:

Table fans are getting smaller and smaller. This allows them to move from one room to another. Ceiling fans have large blades and are permanently attached in one place.

Even in terms of style and functionality, table fans offer more flexibility and functionality. You can adjust the height and speed of the pendulum.

Table fan maintenance guide

Proper maintenance of table fans is essential for effective performance. When dust begins to form on the fan blade, you will notice a significant drop in speed and cooling effect. Therefore, you should get into the habit of wiping dust off the blade at regular intervals.

Here’s how to keep your table fans intact. All you need is a hand vacuum cleaner, a cotton cloth, soap, cotton cloth, and water.

  • Turn off the power and unscrew the fan.
  • Clean the engine vent with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Remove the grille and remove the fan blade using a screwdriver.
  • Take a small tab and mix it with warm soapy water.
  • Now dip the blade in this water and start cleaning the blade.
  • Wipe the fan and other parts of the base with a cloth.
  • Once everything is cleaned, reattach the fan, and after all the parts have dried, you can start using the fan again.

The Advantage of Table Fans

  • Unlike ceiling fans, you can place table fans wherever you want. They are flexible and can be moved so that the air reaches all corners of the room.
  • Table fans are small and offer a wide range of access and help keep quiet anywhere.
  • They are affordable and economical.
  • They use very little energy at 50-100 watts, while an AC uses 900 watts.
  • The table fan facilitates a rotation of 180 degrees, which facilitates the uniform distribution of air.
  • The fans are comfortable to use. You can control the settings according to your needs. Some advanced versions are delivered with the remote control to manage the parameters.
  • Table fans are available in a variety of shapes and colors. You can choose the one that matches other decorations in your space.


So that all about the table fans. I hope by now you might have an idea about table fans and how to pick the best one. However, it is very difficult to choose a table fan with many variants on the market. No problem! If you are by any chance confused about how to choose one for yourself, then you can refer to the article on ProBuyer.

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