Copy Bubble, floating Android clipboard for multiple copying

Copy Bubble, floating Android clipboard for multiple copying

“Intuitive, powerful and lightweight” Bubble Copy and described in the Play Store, a brand clipboard where you can copy and manage multiple texts, images and links from almost any open application. Activated by a floating bubble similar to the app of Facebook keeping her ability to be moved anywhere on the screen.

While it is useful in other important tools such as email and messaging apps, the Internet browser case is the clearest example to explain its operation: While visiting a website started Copy Bubble, back to the browser, copy the contents of usual way (taking down the finger on the screen and then tap the Copy button) and a nice animation will be sent to the orange floating bubble that includes a counter of elements copied.

The next step will be to review the history of captured items which unfolds with just one tap on the floating bubble. Regardless of the application in use the panel that opens occupy most of the screen, and in it, each item will have four basic details: Date of capture, a button to copy a specific item (for then paste elsewhere), one to share (in social networks and other applications) and an “X” to remove permanently clipboard.

Again, while it is wonderful to copy text, it also allows you to copy links and counting for this content type with a preview shown after clicking on a particular element within the clipboard history orange bubble images. It is best to see it in operation and for this its developers, the same aggregator Diigo have prepared a short video:

Anyway, great for those who work with lots of content but we are limited by our management from Android devices. Copy the Bubble app is free on the Play Store; Still not perfect but it seems so far, the future looks bright.

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