Oculus Rift sell at cost

Oculus Rift sell at cost

One of major developments that have happened in a long time for the field of video games is Oculus Rift, the consumer version is still in development but the development kit has swept both public acceptance have been tested and impact and relevance. So much so that at the end of March Oculus Facebook bought by 2 Billion.

This model is only possible thanks to support of Facebook. then went heavy air of future device, if it would redirect to other relevant fields for Facebook (doubly virtual social network?) etc. And even when Facebook buys a startup or any type of business, instinctive reaction on internet is touching their head and go with melodrama, Oculus today announced good news. A very good news, indeed: Oculus Rift sold at cost price , as reported Stuff.TV.

Although initially this news can give rise to think that this is a new case-based business model bait and hook -style printers, in which the product is sold at cost or below for increase the cost of spare parts or consumables. The cartridges in the case of printers, and games in the case of a device like Oculus Rift. In any case it has been clarified that this model will be the result of ensuring financial support Facebook. Without the agreement with them would not have been possible to do so.

Anyway they have not reported specific form of deadlines for commercial distribution, probably also because of the tranquility that causes supported by Facebook. Its founder Palmer Luckey, only 21 years, yes spoke at least on the consumer version, ensuring that it will be much better than the current development, and that the next six months will be “crazy.” Following the 1080 version presented at E3 2013 and updating Crystal Cove CES 2014, is see what else we can surprise Oculus VR. Currently some large companies have responded to the proposal, as Sony with Project Morpheus .

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