Remastered Skype 5.0 For iPhone

Remastered Skype 5.0 For iPhone

They begin to get first applications to rid themselves of their design to fit new standards of iOS 8 Here. Skype for iPhone that presents fifth version of its application full of news; from a similar minimalist design that can be found in other versions like Windows Phone. But it does not stop there because its developers have also ensured improvements in reliability and power of application. it maintain its golden throne Microsoft Skype 5?

The truth is that Skype is the most popular VoIP service that can be found today. Nobody gives much stability and features, but gradually Facetime + iMessage are becoming an ideal choice for users who only use Apple devices alternative. Remastered from 0 up to 5 times faster than current but as not everyone has an iPad, iPhone or Mac, you need to look for an alternative platform.

Now Skype 5 for iPhone (and hopefully in future for iPad), brings a whole makeover of application. As its developers say they have created application from 0 making it up to 5 times faster than current. More than necessary, because one of few things that can be replicated to Skype for iOS is how slow it is to navigate between different features.

In terms of design, we found that navigation is much flatter, with clean interfaces and blue corporate brand. The traditional style gives way to that we see in other versions for Android and Windows Phone and can navigate by sliding your finger from side to side without losing sight of main menu. The options you will find in this new slide-out menu find online contacts, recent contacts and our favorites. One way to quickly find those people with whom we interact daily. commitment Skype group chats, improving its features and access at bottom of application will be quick buttons to manually dial and open chats .

Another of new features we asking long time is ability to better manage group chats . In the new Skype 5 we can start group chats anytime, and can send both text messages like photos and videos but contacts are offline. Messages of course sync to all devices with Skype installed from Windows PC, tablets, smartphones and even Xbox One

The new version of Skype 5 is coming to iPhone and iPod touch next week but we’ll have to wait a little longer to enjoy it on iPad since from Microsoft have not announced release date for Apple’s tablet

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