Samsung Galaxy Tab S to tackle New iPad

Samsung Galaxy Tab S to tackle New iPad

In six and a half months so far this year, and Samsung has launched 21 different models of tablets (four more today), if we consider all screen sizes and connectivity to those who have gone out. In same period, Sony has released 2 Huawei 4 and Lenovo 5. Forfeit For HTC, having every chance to fight copper with iPad, at least in Android scene, is Samsung, who for years has opted for market saturation to gain a foothold. For 2014, these are tablets made ​​by Samsung:

Samsung Galaxy Tab 12.2 3G Pro
Samsung Galaxy Tab 12.2 LTE Pro
Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 3G
Samsung Galaxy Note LTE Pro 12.2
Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2
Samsung Galaxy Tab 12.2 Pro
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Pro
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE Pro
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE 4
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 3G 4
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in April
Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.4 Pro
Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.4 Pro 3G/LTE
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 7.0
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 3G 3 Lite

Despite this huge amount of models, despite presenting more alternatives than anyone, and some of them the most expensive in the market, Samsung has not yet managed to become king of board . It has not yet achieved aspirational aura of iPad, nor beast that image that captures outbreaks that have actually achieved Galaxy S or Galaxy Note.

Samsung was still an absence. A tablet as definitive as its flagship smartphone His last attempt was professional segment, launching tablets models specifically designed to work with. I could taste Galaxy Tab 12.2 Pro ” and result made ​​it clear that Samsung still has much to do if you want to convince us that it is a good idea to sell tablets to work as suitable devices.

Meanwhile, still in tablet market to cover a gap: lack a definitive device . One that rivals all really high, not only in a niche but also in general market.

Galaxy Tab S in response to iPad Air and iPad mini

To present a real answer to Apple’s 21 tablets only seen to date so far in 2014 were not enough. It was necessary to take a similar company Cook up and go for a somewhat simple point: two models, only two models . Big screen, small screen and more. High range. Premium appearance. And that has made ​​today with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S . has been commissioned to convey the same feeling: “It’s our best tablet to date.”

In a way, this move represents a step backwards in Samsung to take two forward . Less quantity and more focus on fewer products to increase quality. Of course this move only makes sense if the quality comes for a catch on among consumers. Personally, I think a smart move. Throwing 21 tablets in six months, which is supposed to more than half are premium, it is impossible to give a value at least. Now need to see if it meets its promises and the experience offered is in keeping with your specifications and concept.

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